**New Feature:
Updated rating system. New ratings will now include 2 scores: Quality & Potency. This will give patients a better way of deciding if strains are potent enough for their ailments.

Quality scale:
-Based on 1-10 system, 10 =Highest Quality.
-Quality is judged on feel, look, taste, and experience.

Potency scale:
-Based on 1-5 system, 5 =Greatest Releaf.
-Potency is judged on how much releaf of either or both Mental and Physical pains.

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Platinum Haze Review

Posted on: Oct 14th, 2011

Strain: Platinum Haze

Type: Hybrid (Sativa/Indica)

Feel: Dense, compact, and sticky.

Nose: Fresh Fruits, sweet scent

Appearance: Light green buds, sparkling cloudy trichomes, and bright orange pistils

Tools: The Fumo pipe & Beeline.

The Hit: Surprisingly strong, sweet taste just like it smells. Almost reminds me of Green Crack. Full hit, clean exhale.

The High: Mellow onset, started in the eyes and a quick burst of energy to the back of my head. I feel relieved of all my doubts and worries. My mind is more calm, less stressed about what was behind me and what is ahead of me. I can take on the day fully alive and well. Amazing.

My Rating
Quality = 10/10
Potency = 4/5

Comments: Reminds me of Green Crack. Fruity sweet taste, suprisingly strong hit, amazing and wonderful experience! Enjoy.

Mild Side-Effects:

  • Activeness
  • Wakefulness
  • Body Tingling*
  • Euphoric/ Mind Uplifting

*Please DO NOT operate heavy machinery.

Recommended For Patients With:

  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Minor Pains
  • Muscle Tension

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